ACCESS was formed by Point Blue Conservation Science, Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary, and Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. Partners include the Greater Farallones Association, University of California Davis – Bodega Marine Lab, San Francisco State University – Estuary and Ocean Science Center, Pomona College, Hawai’i Pacific University, and several agencies including the California Department of Public Health, San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge Complex – Farallon Island National Wildlife Refuge, and the National Park Service. To join ACCESS please contact Dr. Jaime Jahncke at Point Blue.

Current partners include:
Point Blue Conservation Science

Jaime Jahncke, PhD, California Current Director

Meredith Elliott, ACCESS Program Coordinator

Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary – NOAA

Dan Howard, Superintendent

Danielle Lipski, Research Coordinator

Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary – NOAA

Maria Brown, Superintendent

Jan Roletto, Research Coordinator

Greater Farallones Association

Bob Wilson, Executive Director

Kirsten Lindquist, Ecosystem Monitoring Manager

University of California DavisBodega Marine Laboratory

Tessa Hill, PhD, Assistant Professor

John Largier, PhD, Professor

Steve Morgan, PhD, Professor

San Francisco State UniversityEstuary and Ocean Science Center

Karina Nielsen, PhD, Director and Professor

Ellen Hines, PhD, Professor

Piero Mazzini, PhD, Assistant Professor

Frances Wilkerson, PhD, Adjunct Professor

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary – NOAA

Paul Michel, Superintendent

Karen Grimmer, Resource Protection Coordinator

Chad King, Research Specialist

Central and Northern California Ocean Observing System (CeNCOOS)

Henry Ruhl, Director

Alex Harper, Program Manager

San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge Complex – USFWS

Anne Morkill, Complex Manager

Gerry McChesney, Farallon Islands National Wildlife Refuge Manager

California Department of Public HealthEnvironmental Branch

Gregg Langlois, PhD, Senior Environmental Scientist

Pomona College

Nina Karnovsky, PhD, Professor

Hawai’i Pacific University – Pelagicos Lab

David Hyrenbach, PhD, Assistant Professor

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